wb: 25th  September week 4                                           A selection of Bread available daily

                                                                                                                                         Fresh Fruit Bowl available daily 


Soup of the day

Homemade Pizza with beans

Ham & sweetcorn

Pasta bake

Salad bar  



Farmhouse Bake

Various filled Jacket Potatoes

Salad bar



Soup of the day

Homemade burgers with garlic wedges

Chicken Lasagne

Salad bar


Sausages and Mashed potato with onion gravy.

Quasadilla, wedges, peas and sweetcorn

Salad bar


Cheese & onion lattice

Fish in breadcrumbs, baby potatoes & mixed vegetables

Salad bar


Jam Scones & Juice

Homemade Biscuit

Fresh Fruit Salad

Flap Jack

Summer Fruits Ice Cream

Fresh Fruit Salad

Syrup Sponge & Custard

Cheese & Biscuits

Fresh Fruit Salad

Oatie Biscuit with orange slice

Lemon Fingers

Fresh Fruit Salad

Chocolate Muffins

Natural Yogurt & Honey Crunch

Fresh Fruit Salad