wb: 14th May week 2                                            A selection of Bread available daily

                                                                     Fresh Fruit Bowl available daily 


Chilli & Rice

Garlic Bread

Macaroni Cheese

Salad Bar


Chicken Goujons with wedges

Homemade Pizza, beans or sweetcorn

Salad Bar


Garlic & Coriander Chicken with rice

Tuna Pasta with garlic bread

Salad Bar


Mince and Onion pie, mashed potatoes with baby carrots and gravy

Assorted Jacket Potatoes

Salad Bar



Salmon and broccoli fishcakes with baby potatoes and sweetcorn

Tomato and Basil Pasta with cheese and herb bread

Salad Bar


Oatie Biscuit

Banana Muffin

Fresh Fruit Salad

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Fresh Fruit Salad

Jam shortcake

Fresh Fruit Salad


Date and Apricot flapjack.

Crunch Honey yoghurt

Fresh Fruit Salad


Cream crackers and cheese.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Fresh Fruit Salad

St Joseph's RC Primary School

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