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Local Governing Body

Governors' Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We seek your blessing and support in all the responsibilities we bear as Governors of this school. May we reach our decisions prompted by a desire to serve. Grant us wisdom and understanding; of our school, our community and ourselves. Watch over the children and staff of this school so that it may flourish according to your will.


Local Governing Body

The Governing Board (GB) together with the Headteacher and senior staff, forms the school Leadership and Management team, and share responsibility for the school.  The GB must hold the school to account for the standards it achieves.  It must ensure that all resources (including the school budget and staff) are properly used to meet the needs of all children and provide value for money.  

At St Joseph’s RC Primary Academy we have the following numbers and categories of governors:
Foundation Governors: Foundation Governors are appointed in the name of the Bishop by the Episcopal Vicar for Education and they form the majority of the Board. They have a legal duty to preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school and to ensure that it is conducted in accordance with its Trust Deed.  Their responsibility is not only to consider the interests of their individual school or college but also the interests of other schools and colleges and Catholic education in general across the Diocese.  There are five Foundation Governors on the board, there is currently one vacancies.

Staff: There is one staff governor position on the board.  This person is elected by the members of staff in school.  The headteacher automatically becomes a governor by virtue of their appointment as Headteacher.  They can decide not to be a governor if they prefer but their place on the board cannot be taken by anyone else.

Parents: There are two parent governors on the board.  The parent governors are elected by the parents of registered pupils in the school.

Governors take individual responsibility for key areas of school and work with staff to drive improvement. Governors also visit school on a more official basis to formally monitor aspects of the School Improvement Plan.

Meet our Governors