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OFSTED and School Performance


St Joseph's RC Academy replaces the former Primary School. The academy conversion took place on 1st November 2019 and the first inspection of the school took place in April 2024.

Here are some quotes from the report:

'St Joseph’s RC Voluntary Academy has a palpable family atmosphere. This is a nurturing environment. The Catholic

ethos runs through the life of the school'.

'The school is ambitious for all pupils'.

‘Pupils make strong progress by the end of Key Stage 2’

‘Pupils behaviour is calm and purposeful. The school has high expectations’.

'Children learn to read quickly and fluently'.

'Pupils engage enthusiastically'.

'Pupils with SEND are highly involved in the life of the school'.

'Children in early years benefit from the ways school develop their independence'.

'There are high expectations for pupils’ attitudes to learning’.

'Pupils are proud of the many leadership opportunities on offer to them’

‘The variety of extra-curricular clubs and visits develops’ pupils talents and interests'.

‘Pupils work well together in lessons’.

‘Pupils at St Joseph’s are polite and friendly’.

Please click HERE for the full report and the latest OFSTED information about our school.