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Prayer Booklet

Prayer is at the heart of the school day at Saint Joseph's. The invitation and opportunity to pray is offered daily both in a variety of ways and settings. The Pupil Chaplains deliver collective worship every day at lunch, which reflects the liturgical year and is experienced by all the children in key stage one and key stage two. 

At Saint Joseph's we believe that everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and therefore we all have a desire for God. This means that at some point in life we are likely to feel the need to pray to satisfy that desire. Many things can arouse this desire to pray such a beautiful landscape, a piece of music, a protective instinct, or sickness and loss. 

Because God created us out of love, He wants us to know and love Him. He does not want us to reach out in vain or to search and not be able to find Him. Therefore, God Himself, the Son decided to reach down to us as a man, Jesus Christ, to share our human experiences. In Jesus, we see the perfect way to the Father and He teaches us how to pray. 

God wants us to know Him and spend time with Him, not just when we need something, but each and every day. Prayer is a conversation with the closest friend we could have; therefore, sometimes when we pray, we simply tell God all of the things which affect us, whether it be our worries, our hopes, our joys or our sorrows. 

At Saint Joseph's we provide the space and opportunity to experience different types of prayer:

Adoration (when we recognise God and give Him the adoration, which is His due)

Contrition (when we say sorry for our sins and recognise our need for forgiveness)

Thanksgiving (when we give thanks to God for all the many gifts we have received) 

Supplication (when we ask God for what we need or for the needs of others)

Click on our link below to find some of the prayers that we use in school on a regular basis: