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Religious Education

Religious Education (Intent Document)

Religious Education is the foundation of the entire education process at Saint Joseph's. 

In order to support the delivery of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, we use Come and See. 

As a staff, we highly value the impact Religious Education has on the moral and spiritual development of the children as well as the role it has in meaningfully make sense of their experience of the world. Teachers ensure they gave children space and time for reflection at the beginning of every Religious Education lesson. 

Saint Joseph's acknowledge that SMSC, under the National Curriculum, is the first entitlement of education. The beliefs and values of the Catholic Church shape our SMSC, which provides the context for the education we offer at Saint Joseph's. SMSC is not confined to RE lessons; but encompasses all aspects of learning through planned and natural interventions; key moments; and big questions. 

Our RE lessons have a clear focus on Scripture and staff bring this message to life, using a mix of art, drama, reflection experiences and prayer. Staff work together to plan engaging learning activities that allow children to produce work that expresses their individuality and creativity. 

Some examples of children's work (more coming soon):

The Pupil Chaplains are also be speaking to children about their RE lessons and work. Here is one example: 

Summer 2024

Please click on the link below to find an overview of Come and See for the Summer term: