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As a school we have recently signed up to CUSP (Curriculum Unity Schools Partnership) to inform our planning for Science lessons.  CUSP is guided by evidence-led curriculum structures, such as retrieval, spaced retrieval practice and interleaving. It is underpinned by explicit vocabulary instruction and research-focused pedagogy. Combining these has led to exceptional outcomes for pupils within the partnership, as a result of coherent curriculum design and instructional teaching.  CUSP is unapologetically ambitious – schools we work closely with, within the footprint of the Trust, have demonstrated it will not only improve outcomes for pupils, but also teacher subject knowledge.  Each lesson is structured, based on a research led approach, to ensure children are engaging and retaining knowledge from an ambitious curriculum.  We follow a 6 phase lesson as shown below. 

Here are some exciting experiments you can try at home....make sure you check with a grown up first!